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Haitus or worse

I'm sorry to say this but I'm going on hiatus here since it's like no one wants to interact with Sakura (except for Lee-mun and Naruto-mun) I don't know how long it will be because I'm saying this out what I've been seeing from this comm. The comm. is rather nice but it would be nicer if the characters would also focus on others besides the Uchiha's. I know they are a huge part of this comm. but there are other characters too that should get even amount attention.

I know this sounds rude and you may kick me out of this comm. if you wish but I'm only speaking the truth. I have tried to get my character to interact with others but it rather hard when no one else wants to react with yours no matter how hard you try or how friendly you try to be with other people.

Until I figure out  what I'm going to do I will be on hiatus or might even quit this comm. like Lee-mun since my muse is slowly flickering out at this comm. Sakura I knew needs to grow as a character but it's rather hard to see your character grow when she is basically only talking to herself when no one wishes to interact with them no matter how hard she tries to get other people to interact with her.

So until I decide I will be on hiatus starting now, you may contact me at my AIM or my e-mail if you wish if you wish to talk to me but I thought I would just let my voice be heard about how I feel about this subject, please forgive my rudeness and rambling but this is how I really feel.

~Erica ( loveribbon )
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