Rock Lee (ロック。リ一) (drunken_lotus) wrote in orochi_ooc,
Rock Lee (ロック。リ一)


Yosha! So, I have arrived in Boston, and my empty home. :) It is awesome. The Comcast guy came by today and installed our internet, but--because of course there is a 'but'--my modem sucks as does my laptop. I need to get my laptop's airports fixed so that I can actually use wireless, and now we are waiting on a new router. Blah!

We do have a friend staying with us these next few days who has a special internet magic stick, so I am moving from hiatus to slowatus. I should be able to post at least one or two times a day until our router gets here and my computer is fixed. :)

Please be patient with me!!! :)
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