Rock Lee (ロック。リ一) (drunken_lotus) wrote in orochi_ooc,
Rock Lee (ロック。リ一)

Upcoming Hiatus

Currently, I am sitting in my living room watching movers take apart my loft bed. Most of my stuff has been taken and packed into a truck, and I figured, since I feel all anxious watching people move my stuff and speak in a language I cannot understand, that I would just get this done with so I do not have to worry about doing it later on.

As of Monday, the 16th of August, I will be going on Hiatus for a period of time. It may run anywhere from a few days to a week or two weeks, depending on when my roomie and I can get internet hooked up in our new place. We are moving across country, from SF to Boston, so yeahhhh, kind of a big move. >_<

I will be back as soon as I can!

This affects drunken_lotus, Rock Lee.

Edit: Also, if you are trying to get in touch with me for RPing, my AIM is not working so stick with comments, messages, and email, please! I would hate to miss someone just because my AIM is not cooperating!
Tags: hiatus
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