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So I don't even know what to say aside from hello! I'm Orin. I'm. Very very nervous. I DON'T THINK I KNOW ANYONE HERE? /squints. I'm looking forward to playing here! Er, I'll be playing Naruto okay that's kind of obvious sob. Who. Will have no idea what's going on? He has been taken fresh from chapter 504 however.

I. Don't know what else to say! I'm on GMT -1hour? FYI. Yep.

I WANT TO PLOT? ... can I say that here? D: Wait, there's a plotting community isn't there? My AIM SN is circlewinds but I'm not on atm, however feel free to poke me via PM on this LJ if I'm not on and anyone ever wants to chat! ;

And. And I dunno what else.
By NTDevont who is ashjfh amazing and all.



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