Kakuzu (kills4cash) wrote in orochi_ooc,

Hiatus update

So, mom stole the computer : / This means I won't be able to tag as much, but can while at school. Which means before school, second hour, and MAYBE some other time during the day - not likely after lunch. So yeah. I want my comp back. T____T

This means no aim either T^T

Effects Kisame and Kakuzu. Still. GAH!

EDIT: I HAVE AIM AND COMPUTER ACCESS FOR THE WEEKEND OF Jan. 15 [friday evening] to Jan. 18 [out of school monday] For certain. I dunno if mom will have her comp home still. BUT. The computers at my school now have LJ blocked. So ignore the previous comment for now, as per usual all things are subject to change. Thanks~
Tags: update
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