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5th-Oct-2010 03:17 pm(no subject)
サスケ → ow my eyes
I hate to make a bandwagon, but. I'll be dropping too.

Nothing's going on, and Sasuke just. Doesn't care. I don't check here very often, and I'd rather just drop than sit on Sasuke and wait for things to happen.

Maur and Ser, I'm really sorry. Maur, if you ever want to play Akako against Sasuke again, let me know and we can musebox it?

See ya, guys.
30th-Sep-2010 12:51 am(no subject)
[anime] am I bowing or just sick?
Goodbye all. I am leaving this community. A hobby is supposed to be fun, and this has ceased to be that for multiple reasons that some of you know.

Please drop both evil!Madara and evil!Itachi from your friend's lists. Sorry to those that wanted or were in the middle of plots with them.

Madara will disappear somewhere and continue his plotting, but never be heard from again. Itachi will go away on an ANBU mission and just not come back.
27th-Sep-2010 11:49 am(no subject)
I'm quitting this comm. So please take loveribbon from being your friends, thanks
24th-Sep-2010 07:43 pm(no subject)
I'm sorry that I was so rude with the post that I put, I didn't need to take my anger out on everyone or say even say those rude things so I'm really sorry.

I hope everyone forgives me and I will make Sakura post less so everyone can catch up on things with everyone around this comm.

I know I was very very rude, and I deserve the comments you gave me since it snapped me back to reality so thank you for the comments about your feedback about how you feel. I will restrain myself from now on and will no longer be as rude as I was.

So if you wish to talk to Sakura you may, and tell me your thoughts about what I should do.

But I will be on hiatus off and on since there is something wrong with my health but I have no idea what is going on, so just to tell everyone that since next week I will have to a heart monitor to see if there is something wrong with my chest. 
23rd-Sep-2010 03:59 pm - Living in an Amish Paradise~
Retort - Shit.
So... I'm currently running my car to power the laptop with mobile broadband, but I don't intend to keep it up long other than to check news and post my MIA status. The Mt. Lebanon area (where I live) is currently a disaster zone from an insane storm and micro burst tornadoes. The news says we probably won't have power til Sunday morning possibly. My house lucked out, but not necessarily houses around me.

Across the street from my house. The trampoline caught on the destroyed tree is actually from the back yard five houses down on my side of the street. XD :

Down the street, one of the many powerlines taken out and roads completely blocked:

Latest news about my area. (I uploaded it to youtube so I could embed it, silly news website doesn't let you):

If for some reason someone needs to reach me, I have this email set to forward to my phone: ladygith [at] hotmail [dot] com
22nd-Sep-2010 03:43 pm - Haitus or worse
I'm sorry to say this but I'm going on hiatus here since it's like no one wants to interact with Sakura (except for Lee-mun and Naruto-mun) I don't know how long it will be because I'm saying this out what I've been seeing from this comm. The comm. is rather nice but it would be nicer if the characters would also focus on others besides the Uchiha's. I know they are a huge part of this comm. but there are other characters too that should get even amount attention.

I know this sounds rude and you may kick me out of this comm. if you wish but I'm only speaking the truth. I have tried to get my character to interact with others but it rather hard when no one else wants to react with yours no matter how hard you try or how friendly you try to be with other people.

Until I figure out  what I'm going to do I will be on hiatus or might even quit this comm. like Lee-mun since my muse is slowly flickering out at this comm. Sakura I knew needs to grow as a character but it's rather hard to see your character grow when she is basically only talking to herself when no one wishes to interact with them no matter how hard she tries to get other people to interact with her.

So until I decide I will be on hiatus starting now, you may contact me at my AIM or my e-mail if you wish if you wish to talk to me but I thought I would just let my voice be heard about how I feel about this subject, please forgive my rudeness and rambling but this is how I really feel.

~Erica ( loveribbon )
20th-Sep-2010 11:40 pm - Laptop issues
My Laptop is getting sent in tomorrow and will be gone up to 10 business days. I will try to be on AIM via my phone as much as possible. If you need me aim me at scribblesitm or email me at scribblesitm @ gmail.com or if you need me for a log, just start a doc :)

Sorry about this :)
14th-Sep-2010 04:13 pm(no subject)
Hello friends,

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm thinking about dropping out of this comm. but I'm not sure if I'm ready to do that or not, but it's in the back of my mind so I'm just warning people in advance.
Wahhhh! I'm really sorry to do this, but I've lost my inspiration for this journal, and between work and class, and other RPs, I've got so much going on that I just can't seem to find the inspiration for this place anymore.

:( I do not know what to do other than drop. I'm making Peachy!Sakura-mun wait on me forever and I feel so badly about it. I love RPing Lee and this community is fun, but I just do not have any inspiration. It's driving me insane.

So, I think the best thing for me to do is drop, since this isn't fair to anyone else, and there may be someone who wants to app the canon Rock Lee who can't with me "playing" him.

I hope everyone has fun though, and don't hesitate to IM me if you want to chat. Just because I have to say goodbye doesn't mean I'm not still friends with everyone here. :)

Thanks for the good times, please remove drunken_lotus from your flists, everyone! Ja!

10th-Sep-2010 06:20 pm - 'Ello again poppets!
after hours, contempt, hair
Hello, mina! It's your friendly Minato-mun, Maur, with a new character. I'm hoping to have quite a bit of fun with her.  So add the journal and get to know this shinobi from before there were villages. ^^~
9th-Sep-2010 07:31 pm(no subject)
Hi my name is Brenda but I'll be RP-ing as Sai. You can contact me at eloisa4u@aol.com. Hope to have fun RP-ing soon~
8th-Sep-2010 01:31 pm - Where oh, where is Minato-mun going?
team yellow flash
Okay guys, I'm moving into my new apartment (yay no roomies ^^) over the next week or so. This means my net is going to be limited to what I get while at the college. And it seems that the college net is hating on the AIM. TT.TT So it'll be strictly gdocs and only before 1730 CST on Wednesday and Thursday. Sorry about the inconvenience, mina.

Mod-samas: drop me an email when ya'll makes a decision on Akako, k?
6th-Sep-2010 05:29 pm(no subject)
I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm running out of idea's for Sakura, I'm not quitting the comm. because I enjoy it way to much and the people her are awesome.

I'm not going on hiatus I just have no idea what I should do since I'm having a hard time to make her character progress in this world.

So if anyone wishes to help me I would really be very grateful for the help.

Also, if anyone wishes to do a log to help her make friends in this place I would be glad to do some.

Thank you for your time!
28th-Aug-2010 09:51 pm - Hiatus of sorts
Random - Sexy Ita-Sasu WTF?
I am out of town until sept 6th. I has laptop, but also family. So I will have access, but my availability is going to be sporadic.
27th-Aug-2010 07:23 pm(no subject)
Hey Everyone!

My name is Erica and I will be playing Haruno Sakura for you!

Here's the information you may contact me with:

E-mail: downtherabbithole07@yahoo.com
AIM: emocloud34

So hello everyone
18th-Aug-2010 07:54 pm - Slow-atus
Yosha! So, I have arrived in Boston, and my empty home. :) It is awesome. The Comcast guy came by today and installed our internet, but--because of course there is a 'but'--my modem sucks as does my laptop. I need to get my laptop's airports fixed so that I can actually use wireless, and now we are waiting on a new router. Blah!

We do have a friend staying with us these next few days who has a special internet magic stick, so I am moving from hiatus to slowatus. I should be able to post at least one or two times a day until our router gets here and my computer is fixed. :)

Please be patient with me!!! :)
15th-Aug-2010 11:27 pm(no subject)
oh yes I have a plan, smirk

This is Sarah, bringing you all Uchiha Madara to the hizz house! Whoo. ^_^

My AIM is still @ moonlitdreams104, and this guy's tag is Evil!Madara. Get ready to rock, guys, 'cause this one's a plotting, conniving bastard.

Anyway. Hi. I am, as always, so open for plots. Hit me up. Really.
11th-Aug-2010 11:18 am - Upcoming Hiatus
Currently, I am sitting in my living room watching movers take apart my loft bed. Most of my stuff has been taken and packed into a truck, and I figured, since I feel all anxious watching people move my stuff and speak in a language I cannot understand, that I would just get this done with so I do not have to worry about doing it later on.

As of Monday, the 16th of August, I will be going on Hiatus for a period of time. It may run anywhere from a few days to a week or two weeks, depending on when my roomie and I can get internet hooked up in our new place. We are moving across country, from SF to Boston, so yeahhhh, kind of a big move. >_<

I will be back as soon as I can!

This affects drunken_lotus, Rock Lee.

Edit: Also, if you are trying to get in touch with me for RPing, my AIM is not working so stick with comments, messages, and email, please! I would hate to miss someone just because my AIM is not cooperating!
10th-Aug-2010 07:16 pm(no subject)
サスケ → i&#39;ll just go over here

Anyways I was a derp and forgot to change the e-mail on this account. BUT I'M HERE NOW SO HI. o7

My name's Hoshi and I'll be playing Taka/Akatsuki!Sasuke for all of you. I can be reachable on AIM @ loneheirstomato, and my e-mail and timezone can be found on this journal.

I'm always open for plot, and I know right off the bad I'll need a bunch of it since playing Sasuke post-Oro fight is just a tad boring without his teammates. BUT I'LL MANAGE WITH YOU GUYS :DD


Yeah. I'll go post now. :|b
7th-Aug-2010 12:53 am - HIIIIIII! :D
So I don't even know what to say aside from hello! I'm Orin. I'm. Very very nervous. I DON'T THINK I KNOW ANYONE HERE? /squints. I'm looking forward to playing here! Er, I'll be playing Naruto okay that's kind of obvious sob. Who. Will have no idea what's going on? He has been taken fresh from chapter 504 however.

I. Don't know what else to say! I'm on GMT -1hour? FYI. Yep.

I WANT TO PLOT? ... can I say that here? D: Wait, there's a plotting community isn't there? My AIM SN is circlewinds but I'm not on atm, however feel free to poke me via PM on this LJ if I'm not on and anyone ever wants to chat! ;

And. And I dunno what else. Have some chibi Naruto's before I embarrass myself further!Collapse )


1st-Aug-2010 10:21 pm - YOSHA!
Yo! My name is Eeri and I am joining this RP as Konoha's Beautiful Blue Beast, Rock Lee! I am pumped! My AIM is Eeridashi! Please feel free to drop me an IM any time! I would love to get to know people and I am looking forward to joining in on this youthful endeavor! YOSHA! -runs arounds-
8th-Feb-2010 03:10 pm - Hiatus!
Random - Sexy Ita-Sasu WTF?
Just a heads up that Michi and I will be on hiatus for the next week and a few days. Heading up to NYC and then down to DC for an anime con with Alex!

When we return, I plan to poke people for plot stuffies. Meant to do it before leaving, but preparing and cleaning, etc kind of got in the way.

The hiatus affects: sharinganheir, jashin_sama, and anbu_uchiha!
21st-Jan-2010 11:23 pm - Hiatus
Will be taking a hiatus! Oldstick!Itachi will be back Feb. 4th. nk!Ino will be back....sometime after that.

14th-Jan-2010 06:13 am - Hiatus update
So, mom stole the computer : / This means I won't be able to tag as much, but can while at school. Which means before school, second hour, and MAYBE some other time during the day - not likely after lunch. So yeah. I want my comp back. T____T

This means no aim either T^T

Effects Kisame and Kakuzu. Still. GAH!

EDIT: I HAVE AIM AND COMPUTER ACCESS FOR THE WEEKEND OF Jan. 15 [friday evening] to Jan. 18 [out of school monday] For certain. I dunno if mom will have her comp home still. BUT. The computers at my school now have LJ blocked. So ignore the previous comment for now, as per usual all things are subject to change. Thanks~
9th-Jan-2010 07:25 pm - New Character - Anko!
Hey guy's, I'm back again this time with an AU Anko. She's a little crazy so watch out boys, and hide your sweets she's notorious for eating them. My AIM is TaoSenpai and Gdocs/email is TaoSenpai@aim.com. Hit us up for a log, or just to chat ^^  
8th-Jan-2010 11:57 pm - Short Hiatus
I'm just taking a little break maybe just until sometime saturday. I had a death in the family and just can't seem to concentrate on things right now.

If you need me. I'll be online maybe. Ser/Sayo/several other people have my cell if you need meed sooner than I am on.
8th-Jan-2010 05:20 pm - Drop
props bro
I should have done this a long time ago. >_>;; I was still hoping I'd get some sort of inspirational surge until a couple of weeks back, but it's obvious it's not gonna happen.

I'm sorry I never had time to come up with more excuses for Posh to be more social and log with more of you guys, but I guess that's the way the biscuit crumbles with Uchihas, fft.

For anyone who cares - it seems that Posh went off to rescue Aka!Naruto from Orochimaru's hideout, got him out alive, and left together with him to further their kyuubi related training, and to clear his head about the whole threesome messup. (Or, run away from the whole thing, if you prefer.) You'll of course have to check with Julia when/if Aka!Naru will come back from that little adventure, but Posh obviously won't.

Which brings me to the last thing I was gonna mention - Serina, if you want, we could arrange for Sauce to get Posh's eyes before I'm officially and completely out on my ass, lol. Just poke me sometime that suits you, ne. :3

...Well, again, sorry Posh and me weren't more social. I love you guys, you just don't know it. XD ♥
1st-Jan-2010 06:05 pm - I'm back!
cloaked and indifferent, shrouded in mystery
I have returned from my vacation, and I bring news that not one, but both of my characters are now back and ready to be active. Hopefully everyone enjoys this as much as I will. >:D

This affects Evil!Itachi and Evil!Madara.
1st-Jan-2010 12:32 pm(no subject)
Wave bye bye
SO yeah, leave it to Zetsu to spoil the surprise. Tobi is going to be an npc from now on, so if you have any logs in the restaurant, feel free to make the cheerful Uchiha your waiter ^__^

No Zetsu, no Deidara, no more me being Tobi, I'm afraid. Kisame and Kakuzu WILL be staying for a while though, be assured~
1st-Jan-2010 02:17 pm - Drop
Hey, you probably saw this coming but I'm dropping Zetsu. There isnt enough plot for him [he's kinda a secondary character and hard to play] and with Tobi becoming an NPC it makes sense to drop him.  Sai will be more than active; no worries there.


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